Uranus Sextile Mercury

Uranus Sextile Mercury Natal

Perhaps the only things and people you're not friends with are boredom and boring folks. Your mind is active, thanks to Uranus sextile Mercury, but it's easy-going enough to savor people who operate with different interests at varying speeds. You likely have mental and physical agility with many things, and others enjoy your company for the broad and curious perspectives you have on life and your surroundings. Luckily, you don't necessarily work too hard at mastering any of the things, and you mostly enjoy learning new subjects and keeping your mind entertained. You also have an interest and talent for technology, especially anything that feels like “the future.” The future is fascinating because it allows you to entertain possibilities that are steeped in the present, but not yet manifest or adopted widely. You probably have a lot of ideas to contribute to an advanced world, but you're too interested in what's next to tinker with those. And you're often never too preoccupied for a good joke or prank.

Uranus Sextile Mercury Transit

Uranus sextile Mercury might make it seem like everything teems with brilliance and fascination, like a kid fielding gifts during their favorite holiday season. You're open, and your curiosity and intrigue likely make you very appealing to others, as well. You probably want to discuss, think, write, and learn more, maybe even all at once. And there won't be any shortage of people or subjects to bounce around. Yet, if anything becomes too difficult, contentious, or requires a lot of concentration, then you're inclined to lose interest quickly. This transit is better for brainstorming, pursuing options, discussing interesting things with new people, or doing preliminary research than diving deep and laying anything in stone. You're more likely to tell a joke or play a prank than revolutionize an industry or write the world's next great novel. In fact, it's hard to have a proper appreciation for your own uniqueness unless you consistently set time with yourself and away from everything else that stimulates you.

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