Uranus Conjunct Pluto

Uranus Conjunct Pluto Natal

To have Uranus conjunct Pluto, your life bears the mark of an era since it only occurred during the mid to late 1960s and won't happen again until the early 22nd century. During that time, there were staggering changes in food consumption, production (of nearly anything), and work practices, especially for all previously marginalized groups, like women, students, ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ communities. In other words, you, like many of your generation, will face issues related to what happens to “the little guy.” You will either side more with the powers that be because you see the practicality of it and power that comes with it. Or you feel obligated to tussle with those powers. You might also have a strong fascination and appreciation for merging what's technological with what's organic, natural, and authentic. Although subsequent generations have become attached to technology, especially with the development of the world wide web, you're part of the “last” generation to have grown up into your late twenties and early thirties, without it.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto Transit

Uranus conjunct Pluto is a once-in-a-lifetime transit that will likely occur first for those born in the 1960s or 70s when they're in their 80s, sometime close to the mid-21st century. It will probably be a time of significant change and upheaval, very similar to the conditions under which you were born since this will be close to a Uranus return for you. (See Uranus conjunct Uranus). These changes will pull at entrenched belief systems that have existed far longer than you. It's likely that you will either see the fruition of your labors expand and grow or go extinct. This largely depends on whether you and your life's efforts have contributed to power structures that are flexible and accommodating of change or suffered from the delusion of invulnerability and inevitability. This is probably not stress you'd like to shoulder well at this late stage of life. Yet, this is a reminder that your life has been part of a cycle of growth where you've been both the seed, as well as the fruit.

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