Uranus Sextile Saturn

Uranus Sextile Saturn Natal

With Uranus sextile Saturn, you can celebrate and honor what's novel or traditional with a remarkable amount of ease. You know how to combine divergent elements without a clash, and you delight in getting others to do the same without compulsion. You're a bridge between young and old because you enjoy both. You easily learn things the traditional way, but you'll chuck that and create your own if you see that there's a more efficient way. Those interested in change, whether avant-garde or antiquated, will probably find you fascinating, seeing that they won't be dismissed out of hand for being extreme one way or another. You will likely be honored and appreciate their trust and connection. But you perhaps become too attached to the safety of appreciating both that you increasingly feel awkward when you must choose a way. You’d rather wait until you figure out how to integrate the present with “the past” or “the future.”

Uranus Sextile Saturn Transit

You'll probably have greater ease with adopting new technologies and making changes to your daily routines and work methods. With Uranus sextile Saturn, suddenly, you likely have an increased interest in improving how you do what you do or access information. For instance, you change out an aging computer for a newer and faster one. Or you try working out of a co-working space, to work and network, rather than working in cafes or at home. You'll delight in having more opportunities to “geek out” with others in your field. Or an excellent time to introduce others to what you do in a class or presentation as you probably want to shake things up for yourself and others. Yet, there might be bigger changes that you resist making, or that others in your circle will challenge. Tackling any of that won't be fun, most likely. But you shouldn't solely try to sidestep this opposition. Be patient and angle your views more as a conversation rather than a conversion.

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