Uranus Square Uranus

Uranus Square Uranus Transit

Uranus square Uranus will possibly only happen twice in your life: once around twenty-one years old and again close to sixty-three years old. Both moments describe a push to assert your individuality and unique mission in life, but in different ways. At the onset of your adulthood, you're likely pushing to make your entry in a society that either deems you too young to make a substantial contribution or volatile with too many ideas. You're possibly challenged to chisel away at your own “too-muchness” or steer your course on your own terms. As you enter senior citizenship, you're again tested to demonstrate the viability of your unique contributions. Yet, the resistance is internal and external. You might wonder as loudly as young folks (or even louder) if you're too old to make the inroads you suspect you can still make. Chances are, if twenty years ago (see Uranus opposite Uranus transit), you got back in alignment with your own mission and individuality, you are indeed young in spirit.