Uranus Trine Venus

Uranus Trine Venus Natal

You love what you love and like what you like without apology or aggression. You're just being yourself, and this likely makes you an attractive and appreciated partner. Yet, the catch with this is that you often don't want to be caught. You’d rather be conjoined with someone for a purpose or mutual enjoyment. You're inclined to relish what's unusual or distinct in a partner as well as friends, associates, and aesthetic interests. You might also gently encourage others to try new things, and you're likely persuasive because you genuinely appear to others as a person sharing their pleasure rather than judging another's taste as unsophisticated or underexposed. As much as comfort-loving Venus loves delightful surprises, the dictates of an unpredictable Uranus still perhaps presses you always to keep a lookout for what's new or edgy rather than trust that the familiar can be satisfactory enough, even sometimes.

Uranus Trine Venus Transit

You experience a re-invigoration of what pleases you and can share more of those pleasures, including new ones, with others. This bodes well for singles and couples alike. If you're single, then getting in touch with old and new pleasures makes you a more interesting and attractive potential partner. This also paves a way for you to meet new people for dating and friendship. If you're coupled, then touching upon new delights or savoring old, buried ones allows you to add more dashes of individualized flavor into your relationship without losing either yourselves individually or the partnership. What's key is to stay patient and not demand change too fast or too much. In a relationship, negotiate more without assuming the other will just go along. Regardless of your relationship status, though, keep your spirits up and your expectations modest. You're looking more for fun, creative expression, and mutual self-possession rather than striving to snag someone else or be snagged.

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