Uranus Square Mercury

Uranus Square Mercury Natal

You reserve the right to make up and then change your mind, on your own terms, when you want. You usually have no doubt about this point—thanks to Uranus square Mercury. That might be the trait that either inspires admiration or frustration from others about you. You are determined to work your mind to look quickly and sometimes ingeniously at multiple sides of an issue or subject. And you might shift your perspective and interest just as suddenly. You're easily fascinated and bored as fast. That's why it makes it so galling when you also labor hard to get others to see how wrong they are about something. You can become so convinced your view is correct at the moment, you seem to forget how others might come to see differently in time, like you have, though you usually shift through things faster. Patience is required all around, with your own mind and others.

Uranus Square Mercury Transit

When Uranus squares Mercury, you think and what you choose to think about is up for revision and grabs. That's probably also true for how you speak and even with whom you speak, or do anything mercurial, including commute, communicate, or do business. You're more inclined to err on the side of speed and innovation. This doesn't need to be a bad thing, if changes are made in reasonable measure, and especially if you've been too careful or slow in the past. But the concentrated energy of this transit usually propels people to overcompensate for how they've given more attention to others and their ideas rather than their own. Similarly, there's such a rush to get from point A to B, whether in thinking, writing, or driving, that important steps are skipped and avoidable accidents happen. Yet, in other ways, if you embrace the spirit of innovation and inventiveness of this transit with more care, it sparks powerful and enduring connections and changes in your life.

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