Uranus opposite Mercury

Uranus Opposite Mercury Natal

You perhaps feel like thousands of volts surge through your mind and body at any given minute. Some of those sparks will certainly be brilliant insights and connections that possibly escaped the notice of more learned minds than yours. You often enjoy learning fast and furiously since that suits the normal pacing of your mind. But it can be painful to relay your thoughts to others sometimes because their thinking either seems so slow or overwrought with dead-end assumptions and biases. Yet, your other thoughts aren't so much brilliant as just frenetic and seem to barrel toward mental cliffhangers. This likely leaves you wired and nervous. The answer isn't to slow your mind, because sometimes your mind is more like a radio picking up frequencies from elsewhere. What would be best is to observe and learn when your mind is picking up something important and when it's just static and nonsense. For that, you will need to listen, not just let it play.

Uranus Opposite Mercury Transit

You might feel like your brain has been struck by lightning. So much is surging through that you perhaps feel like your head flashes brightly. Your ability to draw fast, surprising connections and insights has increased. But unfortunately, it might be difficult to keep up with all your thoughts, much less communicate those brain gems to others. And that's likely where you meet the most frustration. Others are either prone to openly resist your ideas and line of thinking or slow to grasp them if they're open. Avoid the temptation to push it harder, believing that what you're seeing is self-evident if others are reasonable and willing. This transit is less about others and more about you, as their resistance is a mirror for how you're absorbing your own ideas. Their feedback will highlight what to filter out because everything you're perceiving is not important or clear. Use what you learn to refine what you're still digesting.

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