Uranus Conjunct Mercury

Uranus Conjunct Mercury Natal

With Uranus conjunct Mercury in your chart, you perhaps not only have a prodigious ability to think out of the box, some are inclined to think your thoughts come from outside of this galaxy. You're probably not in any position to agree or disagree with them since you've always thought the way you have. People, situations, and maybe life itself has always struck you as wondrous. You tune in to a unique perspective on things because you tend to believe that not one thing or entity is wholly like another or solely belongs to another, including yourself. This frees you from conventional thinking and ties, possibly allowing you to make connections faster and weirder than your peers or elders. But speed and freedom aren't everything. And they don’t necessarily make you more correct than others, and you might often make mistakes by rushing into a process or commitment, based on a flash of insight. Learn to have patience with developing your brilliance, and you and your gifts will shine much longer.

Uranus Conjunct Mercury Transit

Keep a pen and pad handy, or a note-taking app ready, because there are ideas streaming your way that might even seem like alien transmissions. The Uranus conjunct Mercury transit will likely only happen once in your lifetime, though it's bound to last off and on during a year due to Uranus’ retrograde motion. Yet, these thoughts, are, indeed, the brilliance of your own mind. In fact, you might feel as if a figurative lightbulb has been illuminated above your head. You're prone to see connections between people, places, and things that you hadn't noticed before. But other details of your life and your body might have trouble keeping up with your mind since it’s operating at the speed of light. You might need to set alarms and reminders to stay on track with mundane tasks. Likewise, be careful about running with your first impulse or the apparent genius of your ideas. Try to patiently cultivate what pops up rather than believing it emerged whole and complete.

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