Uranus Square Saturn

Uranus Square Saturn Natal

Thanks to Uranus square Saturn, you possibly flip things around so much, either in your mind, life, or the lives of others, that you're almost constantly in “flip-mode.” You likely experienced a profound disruption to the structure of your own life in your childhood. This might have been traumatic for you, but, as you matured, you also saw that it had a liberating effect in your life. You're less attached to any expectations for how things must be, including what's commonly called "the future." So, you will fight to preserve freedom of definition of yourself and others. You're also inclined to see the advantages of new technologies and techniques in preserving this freedom. Yet, others might not see or want the flexibility of the future that you desire. Instead of using your persuasive powers, you can become more dogmatic in advocating for change, whether it's technological, social, economic, or personal. But you might not realize that, in some sense, you've also become the inflexibility you fight.

Uranus Square Saturn Transit

You're ready to break down whatever is broken and prevents you from building yourself up, especially on your own terms and timetable. Of course, the Uranus square Saturn transit will likely foil and spoil the terms and timetables of others in your life. You're perhaps provoked to smash what's in your way as quickly as possible, be that job, relationship, or your own mind-numbing routines. Yet, even if everything in your life is peachy, it's probable that change breaks into your cherished comfort zones to shake things up. Then you might be tempted to host yourself a misguided pity party, lamenting how your own schedules and structures are capsized. But don't dwell too much on destruction, either way. Focus more on constructing a life that mirrors more of your individuality. You probably have staved off change for too long, and now you're trying to make up for lost time. But if you begin anew with greater clarity, surer footing, and more authentic connections to others, then you've gained more than you've lost.

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