Uranus opposite Venus

Uranus Opposite Venus Natal

You've come to expect swift changes in your intimate relationships, especially the romantic ones. It could be that one day you're holding hands with a person you just met and feel like you've known them a thousand years. But the next day, they're nowhere to be found and seem a thousand miles away. When you pull back, it's often because you fear that your independence will either become co-dependence or enslavement. So, your psyche keeps a door cracked open just in case. Free yourself from the fear of extremes with dependence or independence. Trust that you can maintain your freedom when you're soaring with another. Know up front what you want from a partner and for them to know if they're prepared to give it. If you want a relationship, then say so. If you want space to experiment, especially when younger, then say that. Don't let fear steal your voice and love.

Uranus Opposite Venus Transit

This transit often makes what's strange familiar and familiar strange, especially with affairs of the heart. The same can be true for what generally gives you pleasure. For instance, you suddenly lose your taste for your favorite foods or beverages. The same could be true if you've been in a romance or partnership for a while. If the partnership isn't strong, it could lead to “irreconcilable differences.” But if it is strong, then some creativity and novelty might be all that's needed to keep things reconcilable. If you're solo, then “ghosting” becomes a thing for you—whether it is done to you, or you doing it to someone else. This often happens because there isn't an openly declared and maintained statement of what either person wants. For instance, if you don't want a permanent relationship, then don't give mixed signals. Similarly, if you want a committed relationship, yet remain aloof. Under this transit, fear can motivate either response rather than love.

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