Uranus Trine Neptune

Uranus Trine Neptune Natal

There's only one generation before 2051 that has this aspect natally, and they were born in the late 1930s and early 1940s, when much of the world was at war. But these souls were perhaps born to provide more compassion and restore a sense of idealism into the world. After the near worldwide devastation of World War II, this generation both benefited and were inspired by an imperative for human beings to look after each other on wider levels. If you belong to this generation, you perhaps will never lose these early lessons of tapping into missions of mercy to help those who are suffering. You're open to all forms of thinking and developments that support that work and inclined to chuck ideologies and scientific developments that emphasize destruction. Considering that those born between 2051-2054 will have a similar configuration, they may have a similar mindset, though let's hope that's less conditioned by worldwide havoc.

Uranus Trine Neptune Transit

You're likely to meet up with people who seek to alleviate misery and suffering more in your community or even worldwide, by any means currently available. Or you're more interested in better ways to preserve Earth and her seas. You are also interested in helping others who are somehow deluded and adversely afflicted by mind-altering substances or any new technology that's found to have deleterious effects on the general population. You might be contending with similar conditions and want to help yourself and others who are confounded by these struggles, like certain addictions that have cropped up due to the explosion of the world wide web. Likewise, you perhaps explore philosophies and ideologies that engender more compassion and insight specifically, and you're not daunted by them being too “out there” or wildly abstract. They somehow make more sense now, even seeming necessary for what you want to see happening in your world now.

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