Uranus Sextile Neptune

Uranus Sextile Neptune Natal

As of 2020, the only other generation with a Uranus sextile Neptune configuration was born in the late 1960s. The next crop of folks with this alignment won't be until 2023. Both generations will likely have a fascination with the evolution of consciousness on the planet. But not only from a mystical or spiritual point of view. They will also have an interest in understanding this from a biological and scientific point of view, perhaps even trying to reconcile the divide between science and spirituality. This covers laboratory and theoretical research, but also experiential, whether that's through different forms of meditation, mind-altering drugs, or new technologies that intersect between the virtual and real worlds. One hazard that might afflict you is that you strive to rationalize your findings or research in ways that are more definitive than a mystic or scientist can wholly verify. Perhaps verification shouldn't be the point as much as exploration and continued conversation about the possibilities for how consciousness develops on the planet.

Uranus Sextile Neptune Transit

Pop culture fantasies of the future rarely materialize in the ways envisioned with Uranus sextile Neptune. But, at this time, you will likely see societal and technological shifts that were once speculative for a recent generation, like phoning from a wristwatch or working from microcomputers. By living “in the future,” you're also striving to fulfill both present demands and pastime dreams, which is probably trickier than it sounds. You have the benefit of connecting with others who are in a similar situation as you. But you also don't have a clear precedent for how to work out the kinks and jeopardies of what's happening, like how mobile phones initially wreaked havoc on the road with drivers. You might not have enough data and clarity to sort out your own individual or collective response to everything that's happening. You also don't need to. Your main commitment would be to keep your eyes open and continue sharing and discussing any problems that crop up rather than sweeping them under the rug.

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