Uranus Sextile Pluto

Uranus Sextile Pluto Natal

With Uranus sextile Pluto, it's likely that new technological or societal changes occurred around the time you were born that reconfigured how power, wealth, and knowledge flowed in your culture or community. This likely emboldens you to have a greater appreciation of all three of those issues in an open-ended way. You don't believe any doors should be closed to anyone, or if so, more people should have the key. There aren't many in the 20th or 21st century who have this configuration, so you’re different from many who are several years younger or older than you. You understand, maybe even in your very bones, that secrets are power, and you won't like many secrets that lock you out of having your own sense of power. Likewise, you'll be suspicious of those who wield a lot of power, because you'll suspect that they have more than their share of secrets. You prefer open discourse, or conversations and connections predicated on clear codes of trust and openness. If you can't have those, then you're more inclined to use technology to shield you—or alternatively, avoid some technologies altogether.

Uranus Sextile Pluto Transit

You're only likely to experience this transit twice—once at pre-pubescence and the other time perhaps when you're approaching sixty years old. Uranus sextile Pluto is likely signifies a time when you're responding to how power dynamics affect you and your comforts in your immediate environment. For instance, you might better understand that one of your parents abuses his or her power over you or others in your family when you're younger. This possibly encourages you to cultivate other modes of wielding power than that parent. Or you drift more from your family and local interactions to recreate yourself anew and reset a different level of exchange with them. You more try to get along with power shifts than confront them. A similar set of issues might occur later in life for you, but you might set the tempo for the power exchanges than trying to figure them out. Now, you must discover ways to be more flexible and accommodating with your power, especially with those younger than you and possibly coming in with fresher ideas, tactics, and interests.

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