Uranus opposite Ascendant

Uranus Opposite Ascendant Natal

With Uranus opposite your ascendant, you define yourself by contrast. In fact, you're more than willing to play devil's advocate often, if only to ensure that you're catching all sides of an issue and maybe even to sidestep your own conviction on an issue. Unfortunately, that will be annoying for a great number of folks and will frequently position them to take issue with your own views and opinions, if only to figure out if those perspectives are truly your own. This can be confusing for you because you relish meeting strong, independent people who can stand up to you since you can give contrary opinions with great passion. Yet, you're probably looking more for people who can stand with you rather than only up to you. And you're also looking to be clearer on your own beliefs, if only to know where to take the fight and who'll be on your side.

Uranus Opposite Ascendant Transit

During this transit, you're inclined to have close encounters of a disturbing kind. Although you could have challenging experiences, that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad or irreparable. Colleagues, partners, friends, or family are likely expressing feelings that have been muted or festering for a long time. Perhaps you didn't want to contend with those emotions, theirs or your own, at the time and now they’ve seemed to explode suddenly. What's important is not to add fuel to the fire with sarcasm, deflection, or playing devil's advocate. Know your own mind and speak it plainly. Do the work to frame your sense of the truth as politely and kindly as you can. The agreement is not a given, so you must be prepared for a no-win scenario. A scary prospect, to be sure, especially if a marriage or long-term relationship is on the line. But going your separate ways may be the best way to restore peace and autonomy in your lives.

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