Uranus Trine Mars

Uranus Trine Mars Natal

You're probably earnest in your endeavor to break new ground in some way that's interesting and unique. You strive to assert yourself in whatever ways that lead to increased independence and achievement. So, you're motivated to work with others who have similar intentions and aims. You're also inclined to work on behalf of others with those same goals. You have an interest in thrills, excitement, and even resistance, but only if there are a greater good and purpose. You might be so gung-ho for others that you fail to take care of your personal needs and self. It’s likely also hard for you to delight in intimate relationships for their own sake as much as you enjoy change. You might even feel guilty for taking it easy when you can use your energy and resources to make something “important” happen.

Uranus Trine Mars Transit

Your heart yearns to break through toward new thresholds of independence and achievement. And there's likely very little to hold you back. What's powerful about this transit is that there's less that you're fighting against now as much as what you're fighting for and who you're fighting with. You don't have to be alone, and you feel empowered enough to inspire and encourage others in their fight for liberation, however, they choose to define that. Yet, there is a tunnel vision and echo chamber nature to this transit. You perhaps believe so wholeheartedly in the righteousness of your endeavors now that it's hard for you to fathom how others could think otherwise, especially those closest to you. You're inclined either to ignore them or connect more with those who understand. But don't neglect working harder to get them to see what you're doing and why. Your changes might be scary for them, fearing changes within themselves.

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