Uranus Conjunct Saturn

Uranus Conjunct Saturn Natal

On many levels, with Uranus conjunct Saturn, you're allergic to homeostasis or the status quo. You've probably had an unusual number of ups and downs with the structure and stability of your life, especially early on. Fortunately, this helped you to adapt quickly to new situations, people, and circumstances. You likely came to believe that change is the only "normal." Yet, on some level, despite your ability to understand life from a great number of angles (because you had to), you're also terribly resistant to keeping anything constant and steady. You perhaps don't fundamentally trust it to keep you safe or even be real, and you're not entirely wrong. But you also don't have to set an internal alarm clock to sound off whenever you're comfortable for fear that you'll be lulled into a delusion. All change is not dramatic or sudden, and it's possible for you to learn to harness the powers of transformation to be more incremental, even minor.

Uranus Conjunct Saturn Transit

A Uranus conjunct Saturn transit might feel as if life has come and flipped over the neatly set table of your existence. You can have, at least, two valid responses to this. You could panic and flee toward the next safe thing or person you can find. Yet, you must know whether you're more overwhelmed by thinking you must reset your life as it was or if you want a whole new life. That thought might lead to another possible response if you didn't choose it first: You can be more patient and take your time to think more about what you want and how you want to do things. This will require you to curb your fear, as that could get the best of you. The mind has evolved to combat chaos, especially when it seems sudden. Though, that's another thing to consider. These out of the blue changes perhaps weren't completely unanticipated if you're honest with yourself. Especially as you realize you might have wanted to keep things the same despite clear indications that you couldn't.

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