Uranus opposite Pluto

Uranus Opposite Pluto Natal

The last generation born with Uranus opposite Pluto was born around 1902-3, and this aspect won't happen again until around 2046. So, there’s little to no chance anyone needs to read about this particular aspect in 2019 or thereabouts.

Uranus Opposite Pluto Transit

When Uranus is opposite Pluto, you'll likely to experience this transit in your thirties, depending on which decade you were born. You and others around your age are probably forced to examine deeply your own sense of autonomy and power in many overlapping circles—at your job, in your family, or society at large. Perhaps the most disturbing and challenge is the sudden realization that you don't have as much power or control as you thought. It's possible that circumstances, possession, and relationships that you once thought rock-solid are shifting faster than you ever thought possible. These changes are probably deeper and more permanent than you'd like to acknowledge. But don't panic. Fear will only drive you to fight harder, but not necessarily smarter. The better way to engage what seems like maddening times is not to assume that this is the worst and will only worsen. You will discover resources and aspects of your character that you didn't know you had. You're readier than you know.

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