Uranus opposite Sun

Uranus Opposite Sun Natal

You might often feel like you're frequently discovering fascinating pieces of yourself that erupt at the most unexpected times. This is perhaps because you tend to bury aspects of yourself in what are likely ridiculous attempts to fit in with others. They're not absurd, though, because there's something wrong with you or anyone else. You might take that perspective sometimes and that's probably when you run into trouble. It becomes you against the world! Someone or something threatens your own independence and individuality, like a job, a relationship, or even the fast pace of everything, and you're fighting 'em all. And that's when the eruptions take place. Then you learn more about who you are, things settle down, you bury yourself in another hectic pace, and the cycle begins again. You're bound to lose yourself again. What breaks this cycle is learning to catch your own rhythm and keeping that up when life changes its pace.

Uranus Opposite Sun Transit

Life changes its pace, and that likely makes your heart race. You must determine whether it’s racing back to get in alignment with your own unique and natural rhythm, or if it's trying to keep up with the maddening array of possibly upsetting events now. It could be that your boss appears to reject you and your best ideas. Or a relationship has seemed to swallow you whole. And now on the surface, it appears you're fighting for your freedom and individuality. Yet, you're more reclaiming and remembering how to get in sync with yourself than fighting. Perhaps you might claim some space away from others to feel your own cadence again. Next, you must also recognize that these events have surfaced deep-seated problems that you can confidently meet. If not now, then know that you will get beyond them. That's what happens with change. But the wisdom is not to confuse these disruptions for who and what you must be, they are messages to remember who you are and can be.

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