Uranus opposite Moon

Uranus Opposite Moon Natal

You might feel like you've crash-landed from another world and you're the alien learning to live a “normal” life like everybody else. But rarely does much feel ordinary or normal to you. There are probably real-world elements to your origin story, like you indeed moved a lot when young or were suddenly shuttled from one place to another. You're likely very adaptable, but you're also probably emotionally volatile, even when you don't allow yourself to show it. A lot of things push your buttons. You often feel high-strung and sometimes for no discernible reason. Yet, the undercurrent of your strong feelings, especially of alienation, are deeper than events or people who jar and annoy you. You’re searching for what feels like home and security. The biggest mistake is expecting that anyone or anything can give you that. You either live your life feeling like an exile or realize that you're here to start a colony.

Uranus Opposite Moon Transit

You're prone to experiencing upsetting situations with close relatives, partners, or your domestic arrangement. It's likely hard for you to feel settled even if all is calm. And as you probably already know, it's time for changes. On the surface, you might look to transform your immediate environment or the tenor of your relationships with dear ones. But on closer examination, you'll see that the true revolution that's happening is with your own emotional life. Your feelings are likely on a hair trigger, and your nerves jump at the slightest annoyance with anything. But the hyper-reactivity of your feelings prompts you to feel more alive rather than to operate out of the dullness of habit. You can be freer of your past conditioning now, and turning up your emotions allows you to notice them more. From there, you can change the volume control more on your terms rather than letting external triggers do all the work.

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