Uranus opposite Midheaven

Uranus Opposite Midheaven Natal

It's possible that a sudden shift with your family's livelihood or living situation early in life made a lasting impression on you. You likely developed a different vision of how security works (or doesn’t) than most people. At one extreme, you've come to distrust any trappings of comfort and stability, mostly because you don't believe it will last. You perhaps come to think that families and home life, at least, are inherently contentious and will probably compromise your own independence and freedom. Yet, another extreme is that you place your focus more on defying cultural norms and expectations in your vocation. You relish the role of being “a black sheep” wherever you can. Yet, you're maybe collapsing too many feelings and issues into one alienating idea. Building a base allows you to shake fruit down from higher up. Otherwise, you can find yourself up top with nowhere else to go but quickly down.

Uranus Opposite Midheaven Transit

The Uranus-Midheaven transit appears to bring a great deal of unpredictability either at home or at work. You might say appear, because what unexpectedly surfaces are issues that have likely been swept under the rug for too long. For instance, if suddenly several key appliances break down, you must reflect on whether you had kept due diligence in maintenance. That's not to make you feel guilty, but for you to recognize that what's out in the open is still within your control from getting worse. Similarly, if you're facing serious contention at work, retrace your steps to where things have gone wrong and see if you can make amends. If that's not possible, then you've come to an impasse that's likely only resolved by walking away on someone's part. It might seem like giving up but think of this transit as more a beginning toward a renewal than an ending that annihilates everything.

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