Uranus opposite Neptune

Uranus Opposite Neptune Natal

The last generation born with Uranus opposite Neptune was born around 1906-10, and this aspect won't happen again until around 2078-81. So, there's little to no chance anyone needs to read about this particular aspect in 2019 or thereabouts.

Uranus Opposite Neptune Transit

When Uranus is opposite Neptune, you'll likely be in your late 40s or early 50s when this transit occurs, depending on which decade you were born. You're more likely to experience a shift in the humanitarian interests and focus of your generation. Some measure of these changes is influenced by pent-up resistance from older generations who question whether those efforts are worthwhile or reasonable. Put differently, more are asking “Who indeed is my neighbor? and Why should I help them?” Your idealism, of course, prompts you to ignore divisions you experience with others and emphasize the similarities and connections. But you will have to acknowledge and manage some of the challenges presented and not gloss over sizable disconnects. Some of these issues might even hit close to home with actual colleagues, longtime friends, neighbors, or even family. The rawer and more honest you are about those problems, the better and sooner you'll be able to bridge divides.

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