Uranus Trine Jupiter

Uranus Trine Jupiter Natal

You're perhaps perpetually searching for a tribe with which to have more adventures, experience insight, and bring modernization to those benighted by backwardness. This likely marks you as an excellent teacher and career learner, even at an early age. You believe wholeheartedly in a greater good, especially at communal and team levels. You're also generally good-natured about how you seek to make change, even with those resistant to it. In turn, you're resistant to traditional notions of hierarchy and want to emphasize consensus and self-determination often. You believe that many people suffer more from ignorance, and if they knew better, they would do better. Yet, you must be prepared for those times when your goodwill and zeal are not enough. Getting others to “see the light” likely sounds better in your head and on the page than when in the trenches engaging someone who thinks you're wrong.

Uranus Trine Jupiter Transit

This can be a sweeping, inspiring transit that connects you to people, places, or ideas that bring new adventures, insight, and personal growth in your life. Your intrepidness is fueled by a belief that nearly anything is possible with the right folks or the right technology. You're less focused on resistance and defiance, and more on consensus and team building. Your optimism also bodes well for more moments when you know you're the right person for certain opportunities and they just seem to find their way to you. What's perhaps difficult during this transit is how you feel when you do encounter resistance, like someone's having a hard time adapting to changes around them or threatened by your transformations. Your inclination to ignore them, if they're a loved one or cherished colleague, isn't a good strategy down the road. Be patient and present with them as much as possible.

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