Uranus Sextile Venus

Uranus Sextile Venus Natal

With Uranus sextile Venus, you delight in the experience of affection, love, sexuality, and aesthetics as freedom and originality. Freedom is beautiful, and beauty is freedom. You likely were given the freedom to explore your tastes and interests without much judgment or restraint as a youngster. In turn, you feel free to reserve judgment, and you're open to expecting the unexpected. You relish meeting avant-garde types of nearly any discipline, mostly because they care more for the unique expression of their art than its commercialism or conventional value. You're easily bored by convention and traditional expectations in relationships. And when it comes to freshening up things, you prefer mild shocks rather than sparking whole-cloth controversies. You're not looking to force new standards of beauty as much as fill the crevices where difference and uniqueness can live alongside what's viewed as normal. You're turned off by what's too extreme one way or another, as it eventually becomes the same kind of bondage, anyway.

Uranus Sextile Venus Transit

Your social and love lives bubble with excitement and curiosity—all thanks to Uranus sextile Venus in your natal chart. You might discover that you have a mutual interest in people who are normally off your radar, whether romantically, professionally, or socially. You're willing to experience and experiment with new situations and maybe kinds of relationships or ways of encountering people. If you're single, you're not looking to tie anyone down or be tied down. If you are attached, you want to relish spontaneity, risk-taking, and more freedom to feel like an individual in a relationship rather than identified as one half of a couple. You might become aware of how your environment doesn't reflect your real tastes, and you'll probably make tasteful changes. In fact, you're not keen on extreme changes, but more tactful flourishes that keep life interesting and fun. You are most likely finding it hard to commit to dutiful routines or ways of dressing. And you must have some quirkiness about you, especially if it helps you stand out or can be a conversation starter. Don't be too surprised if you also develop a taste for smells and foods that are very different than your usual fare.

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