Uranus Square Sun

Uranus Square Sun Natal

With Uranus square the sun, you often must stake your claim as an original, defying convention and what others say should be the way things are done. You perhaps aren't defiant because you're convinced that everything is wrong. It's that often what people say or do is wrong for you. So, you must pave your own way on your own terms. This might summon a lot of tension with others and within for you. You might earnestly want to be pleasing and affirming for dear ones and strangers alike. But then you have some oddball circumstance or event that prompts you to see life differently. After a while, though, you come to appreciate and relish your own uniqueness, seeing that you're a trailblazer. You're not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but you can be a hero for those struggling to carve out their own niche and way. Yet, don't become distracted too much by what you're fighting for that you lose sight of who you're striving to be.

Uranus Square Sun Transit

“To thine own self you must true,” as Shakespeare said. Likewise, with Uranus sextile sun, you also must know yourself first, then trust yourself. You'll likely discover more about yourself during this time, and it probably will come suddenly and in odd, even interesting ways. One way is that you experience some unexpected shift with how you identify yourself. For many people, that will be closely related to their work or some other way they know themselves. For example, if you've always identified as a loyal spouse, then perhaps there's a way you experience the relationship that prompts you to see and be yourself differently. You might need more freedom and room to express who you are than your current circumstances. During this transit, you're inclined to take more risks. What will be "right" or "wrong" will depend on how aligned your actions are with who you truly are.

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