Uranus Trine Saturn

Uranus Trine Saturn Natal

There are crazy-makers and then there are crazy-tamers. You're the latter mostly because you know how to respect and work with crazy-makers. You even admire them. But you mostly work as a tamer because you know demanding too much change won't work out well, especially since many folks prefer the cooing sounds of the status quo. But you often know that change is a necessary good, though some would like to view it as an evil. You look to introduce novelty judiciously and only when it's clear that new is necessary. Otherwise, you feel no need to fix or trade-out what's not broken. Yet, you believe anything and everything can be improved, eventually. Though, there's only so much taming you can do before you're really breaking your own wild side. Similarly, everything can't always happen smoothly. Insisting on that all the time can lead to unpredictable and explosive chaos.

Uranus Trine Saturn Transit

You will probably soft-ball change and innovation with your colleagues, friends, family, and partners. You seem to be able to pave a smoother road between those who resist change and folks who want to change everything yesterday. You don't see the need for extremes, even if you're normally inclined toward them yourself. You seem to easily learn new systems, technologies, or procedures. So, you don't seem personally ruffled or threatened by current shifts. You can, in turn, help others learn from a fresh and relatable perspective. You're also sensitive to those who fear their own deficiencies about keeping up or who don't see the point of renovating what's already working fine. But don't believe that you can keep chaotic change at bay forever. You can't, and probably shouldn't try too hard. Dull whatever edginess you can and let what can't be stabilized continue as it is.

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