Uranus Conjunct Mars

Uranus Conjunct Mars Natal

Thanks to Uranus conjunct Mars, you often at a breakneck rush to do something daring and bold. You don't like the idea of being locked down by anything, much less for long. Your blood churns for what's original or unusual and boils when you're bracketed into a groove that's safe or everyone follows. You fear that if you often don't push to do something fast that someone will try and succeed in talking you out of it. Or perhaps you'll talk yourself out of doing something interesting if you have too much time to think about it. It's not solely that you have a wanton disregard for others and their thoughts. But you feel your first responsibility is to the loud drum of your heart that commands you to be better, stronger, and more yourself than the day before. But remember that you also have an obligation to keep that heart beating, which will not happen for long if you take every risky chance as a dare.

Uranus Conjunct Mars Transit

Your passion for abrupt change might prompt you to hack away at longstanding routines and habits—thanks to Uranus conjunct Mars. And might even inspire you to rush, making you prone to more accidents than normal. Your temper likely ends up on a short leash, and you're openly impatient with others. But perhaps you're most impatient with yourself because you feel like you've been tied down by boredom for too long and are now unleashed. You're certainly right to clear away what's tiresome and dreary. But you're probably adding undue stress to your relationships and yourself in your relentless pursuit for renewal. Speeding up the pace doesn't mean you lose all sense of rhythm or manners. You most likely want to feel the thrill of YOU, as yourself, pulsing through your blood vessels. That does mean getting back to your real passions, but not just for the sake of change itself. Otherwise, you can end up rebelling against everything and not truly discovering who or what’s worth slowing down for.

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