Uranus Sextile Jupiter

Uranus Sextile Jupiter Natal

You often enjoy being a knowledgeable repository and perhaps even purveyor for what's strange, trendy, or unusual. Most often, others might come to you because of your tech skills and interests. You also have a talent for explaining unusual or even difficult subjects well. It also helps that you appreciate learning and speaking with diverse people about the future and the evolution of nearly anything. You're often only bored by mundane problems for which there are no plausible or interesting solutions, like gossip. (You probably lose interest because you're not big into the intricacies of intimate details of people's lives, including your own.) You'd rather muse aloud about how we make revolution and get more people to make better and more broad-minded choices. In fact, you might talk so much about the possibilities that you might miss out on real ones you can take at the moment.  

Uranus Sextile Jupiter Transit

You are probably discovering new tools and people with Uranus sextile Jupiter. The changes might not need to be revolutionary or costly, but they're significant enough that you'll naturally be curious about other ways you can improve your life. You might also be delighting in discussing other novel ways to learn and understand the world around you with others. Your curiosity probably directs you to meet interesting and unusual people who might unpredictably spark your interest in other activities and unusual circumstances as well. Be careful, though, about trying to commit to any large-scale projects or changes now. You enjoy the stimulation, but you'll likely feel overwhelmed and overtaxed if you attempt to take on too much. Keep to being more of an intellectual and social butterfly, for now, delightfully trying out different technologies, people, and interests until several options become more compelling and obvious than others.

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