Uranus Square Moon

Uranus Square Moon Natal

You likely experienced disruptions and sudden changes early in childhood with your domestic and emotional life thanks to Uranus square moon. This likely leaves you struggling to reconcile your jarring experiences with the normalcy and placid sense of security that others expect of you, especially as you mature. You possibly don't trust anything or anyone to keep you safe, secure, and constant for long. In turn, you might exhibit more than your own eccentricity and wildness. Perhaps shocking and upsetting others and their norms, even when you would want to do just the opposite. Some of this, especially when younger, is your own inability to handle your own feelings and thoughts that you fear that you can't share with others. Yet, as you age, you might enjoy alarming others and abruptly upturning their expectations. But after a while, you can exhaust yourself if you relish your own shock value too much. You also might miss your own true, unique value, and genuine opportunities to work with people who can “handle” you just as you are.

Uranus Square Moon Transit

You've likely muted your own feelings and needs for too long. With the Uranus square moon transit, they're probably roaring loud and clear for attention, and you won't care who needs to know. And that will be possibly most of the problem that you face now. You might lack focus on where to clarify what you're feeling and what you need. So, instead, you indiscriminately turn over or down anything and usually turn off some of the wrong people. Be careful of making rash movements, like quitting a job or relationship, especially if you haven't had a long-standing dissatisfaction. If you have, then you must determine whether bailing is your only option. If so, do what you must. Though, if you can reasonably work something out, then you owe it to yourself and probably others to try making things work. You must also factor in how sudden changes will give you freedom and help you return to the valid expression of who you are.

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