Uranus Sextile Sun

Uranus Sextile Sun Natal

You're likely stimulating and easily stimulated—thanks to your Uranus sextile sun natal aspect. Odd and interesting people will feel comfortable with you because you seem comfortable with them. You keep enough of a spirit of “live and let live” that unusual people appreciate you, though they might not see you as “one of their own.” That openness is also appreciated by those who are more conventional because they also won't see you as a person trying to shove eccentricity down their throats. Yet, this leaves you straddling between worlds, sometimes more comfortably than others. Other times, you perhaps feel like you can't decide whether you truly want to embrace an unconventional path solely. You do enjoy the comforts of conventionality, yet that also doesn't satisfy you or seem authentic enough for you. So, instead, you stay a friend to all, especially people you deem interesting. But you also rarely commit to the work of cultivating your own latent eccentricities and unique talents.

Uranus Sextile Sun Transit

Many people and things will stimulate you now—thanks to Uranus sextile sun. You perhaps don't want to forsake your current obligations and responsibilities completely, so you must make extra time to pursue your wide interests. This will likely lead you to people with whom you don't normally associate or know. It might be hard to blend your growing divergent circle of associates and friends. Each might find the other “strange” or “odd.” You, on the other hand, don't feel any need to swear allegiance to any particular group or ideology. They're all “interesting.” But the one danger is that you don't let anything affect you much at all on an emotional level. You might not know if some of these new relationships—especially any romantic ones—are more locked-in by genuine affinity or a passing phase of mutual fascination. Only time will tell. Yet, it's best to be careful that you don't strive to make too many lasting changes in your life as much as feel things out.

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