Uranus Square Neptune

Uranus Square Neptune Natal

With Uranus square Neptune in your natal, only one generation currently exists with this natal placement. They were born in the mid-1950s. The next generation will be born around 2040. For both, there's a need to balance scientific, philosophical, and spiritual innovation with a vision of new possibilities and the future. A measure of this comes from sudden advances in technology that revolutionizes how everything happens, like atomic energy literally exploded at the brink of the 50s. Your life might continue to center around this seismic shift in culture, but there's still a need to contain its revolutionary fallout. That would be more the idyllic, dreamy Neptune pursuit of perfection and calm. This aspect also possibly manifests as a nascent drug or alternate reality culture that has its lures and influences on you. In your personal life, you probably embody the tension of this era of a dramatically changed reality that no one fully wants to acknowledge. So, you perhaps always feel like you're not seeing things as they are.

Uranus Square Neptune Transit

There's likely a seismic explosion of technology and innovation that's probably working its effects faster than most folks can keep up with. You'd probably prefer to blunt its aftermath or zone out from it altogether. The direct and perhaps most common way for that to happen is through drugs. In fact, the drugs might be a result of the refinement of consciousness and understanding of the material world that parallels the contact between these two planets. The other way is through technology itself, like surrendering to the hypnotic magic of a screen or stereo sound. But the best avenue for managing this aspect is to make more of your own dreams and visions a reality, perhaps even using these huge cultural developments. You don't have to bob along with the changes as only a participant or end-user. You can also be an agent of change and use the gift of your individual vision to impact others.

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