Uranus Trine Ascendant

Uranus Trine Ascendant Natal

You likely land in people's lives like a quick summer afternoon rain shower, bringing relief and change, without much annoyance and inconvenience. You have a way of broadening vistas of knowledge and understanding without imposing what you're sharing as the ultimate truth. You enjoy sharing what you know, even if you feel you don't know much about a subject. That's mostly because you approach learning with a detached curiosity and fascination. In turn, others respond to you without judgment and openly parcel their insights and interests with you. It also helps that you probably have a playful spirit about you that makes you approachable and interesting as well. You perhaps have a few hobbies at which you excel, and one or more of them will likely become more central in your life, enough that it becomes a way you achieve more recognition, earning potential, or both.

Uranus Trine Ascendant Transit

New vistas of knowledge and understanding come your way, perhaps from a new subject you're actively studying. But they also could come from traveling or an encounter with someone who's very different from your routine experience. The calm dawning of these new insights will likely not seem that significant during this transit. But it likely will be clear to those who know you well that you're shifting not only your perspective but how you even carry yourself. You could even feel more like yourself, even pleased with who you are and becoming; which might also manifest in how you indulge in your hobbies and pleasures. You want to have more fun, and you will attract exotic and interesting people who will bring that excitement to your life. Stay in the groove of what you enjoy since doing that might even increase your prominence or cash flow.

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