Uranus Conjunct Sun

Uranus Conjunct Sun Natal

You are likely an individual in the most potent and even extreme sense of the word. An individual, by classic definition, is one that cannot be divided. You are naturally set apart from others, most likely due to some unusual experiences and changes that happened early in your life that set you apart from others. You usually will not compromise in ways that others might do easily. This might serve you at times when a compromise would weaken your own position in life as well as your unique gifts. But an unwillingness to concede at other times will leave you stuck and rootless rather than able to impact the world in the ways you desire. Therefore, if Uranus is conjunct your sun in your natal chart, it's important for you to learn when to know the difference. Otherwise, you can become so rigid about your own preciousness as a distinct person that you spare little space for others to express their own originality or to collaborate.

Uranus Conjunct Sun Transit

You're ready to shake things up and let more of your wild side out. This will probably feel good, maybe even too good. Perhaps because you've sealed off a vital part of yourself for too long and now you want to make up for the lost time. Forget about the past and be more in the present. This will help you spot more opportunities to implement meaningful changes in your life. You're likely very wary about compromising any aspect of your re-discovered individuality and independence. This probably makes it hard for you to work and feel comfortable in circumstances that are too regimented and routine, whether those situations are personal or professional. The impulse might be to buck everything to launch more into the new you you're becoming. Yet, the better course might be to strive to create a win-win scenario in your current arrangements, if that's not possible, then it'll be time to map out a new course.

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