Uranus Trine Uranus

Uranus Trine Uranus Transit

There are likely two times you will experience this free-flow of significance in your life—at age twenty-eight and fifty-six, twenty-eight years later. Both times are not too long before your Saturn return. (See Saturn conjunct Saturn). This transit brings a gust of energy that helps you remember who you are and the standout qualities you offer the world. You likewise will have an easier time aligning yourself with people who share your sense of purpose and sensibility. Of course, these ages are widely different. In your late 20s, you're looking to free yourself more from all the “should” that you had been set for you and determine your own. In your late 50s, you're less concerned with what anyone else dictates and more about how you can renew some of the ones you had from your late 20s and how and why you veered from those. It's also a check-in with your progress from 14 years ago at your Uranus opposition, which happens between 41 and 43 years old.