Uranus Trine Moon

Uranus Trine Moon Natal

Your immediate surroundings naturally seem to morph into a mirror image of your own unique stirrings and movements in life. If you have Uranus trine moon, you're usually content to let things work that way until you decide to change them. For instance, if you're on the move constantly, then you might be content to let your place seem more like a hurricane has raced through it. But if you're more fascinated by something different, like themes from another culture, then you will try to infuse more of that into your environment. You ultimately want harmony in your home, but you don't want it to become boring and stuffy. You have a similar take with the people in your life. You're content to keep an array of interesting people in your life. But there are many folks, including family, who are probably resistant to change and having multiple interests. You probably will need to figure out consistent ways to engage them without shutting them out emotionally.

Uranus Trine Moon Transit

You're likely in a new kind of mood, thanks to the Uranus trine moon transit—and you're ready to address much-needed changes in your immediate environment, whether that's at work or home. You feel where you are should reflect more who and how you are. You possibly also have a fresher way of looking at your feelings and even your earlier years. Understanding more, though, doesn't mean you're yet completely at peace with it all. This positions you to identify more with those who have similar beliefs and ideas to your own. You're also looking to connect with others through different outlets and venues. For instance, you might host a kind of party that you've never given before. Yet, you'll have to figure out a way to warm up to familiar folks who can't quite catch your vibe. They might feel left out in the cold and could bring their own fire to heat things up for you.

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