Uranus opposite Saturn

Uranus Opposite Saturn Natal

Thanks to Uranus opposite Saturn, you're prone to see any attempts to introduce you to conventionality or tradition as an attempt to tame your wildness and curb your own sense of freedom. So, you're more likely to defy, as your first response, on general principle. You're not too keen on taking too much time to figure out whether your perception is true or not. What is probably true is that early in life someone, like a parent or other authority figure, did try to break your fiercely guarded spirit of independence. And you've become determined to preserve your sense of it at any cost. In fact, you're just as ready to be provocative rather than reactionary. But if you split your energy with so much focus on fighting any and every threat, you won't sensibly have enough stability and your own resources to stay in any fight for long. Look closely at what or who you perceive as challenging your independence. Chances are you're more acting out of insecurity rather than dealing with a real adversary.

Uranus Opposite Saturn Transit

You likely want to change more in your life than is sensibly prudent or even practically possible. You can easily become annoyed if there are elements or people in your life who seem to resist the changes you'd like to see manifest, whether you want these alterations to happen in your professional or personal life. You might feel that people, especially those close to you, have had enough time to ready themselves for these changes. But it's equally possible that you are very resistant to any major innovations or renovations to your life, too. It's probably true that the manifest developments have been brewing for a while. So, perhaps you or others thought you can stop or distract. Now that the naive bubble has burst, all must face the truth. Time is much more patient and harder to control than we'd like to believe. There's no sense in sacrificing being considerate, kind, or understanding to make something the way you want it.

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