Uranus Conjunct Neptune

Uranus Conjunct Neptune Natal

This aspect applies to you if you were born during the first half of the 90s. You, like many of your "generation," will have a very different vision and experience of the world than your predecessors. For starters, there's always been a worldwide web, even in its infancy, while growing up. You can experience more a spontaneous or quick fulfillment of your desires and dreams than your forebears. You also likely have a greater appreciation for how apparently disparate pieces fit together into a whole than others can see. These divergent slices might be ideologies, cultural narratives, or modes of building and working. Others might not appreciate how much you think and approach your work; most likely in relation to your strong need to envision freedom without chaos. Perhaps allowing for ways to relate to that are neither linear nor hierarchical. Again, this might be hard for others to grasp, so you'll have to mature and keep feeling these thoughts through the years until they're more demonstrable.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune Transit

"Topsy-turvy" is one phrase that comes to mind for this transit because many of the markers for what's right, who's in power, and what's real are obsolete or misleading. This will probably be truer of your general perceptions of society, culture, or community than necessarily about every facet of your personal life. But because this transit can be so “trippy,” it's important to avoid increased exposure to activities and substances that create alternate realities, like drugs, virtual games, or even some live action role-playing games, as you could easily lose yourself in them. You might even do well to go easy on movies and TV series that highlight more of a dystopian vision of the world. And it’s best to look for what's unique and inspiring in simple and natural ways, like meditation or any form of spirituality that also emphasizes bodily movements, like yoga, qi gong, or certain forms of prayer.

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