Uranus Square Midheaven

Uranus Square Midheaven Natal

You likely will create your own path in life with the sheer power of your personality and individuality. Uranus square midheaven probably doesn't fit into any neat designations of vocation or career. You likely won't meet the expectations of your family on their terms. So, you'll end up doing a lot of things your way, and it's very possible that your identity or the unique way you do things will be a foundational piece of your livelihood. Yet, being the engine and driving force for your own rising star has its challenges, too. There's often no playbook or set of rules to follow. Likewise, you perhaps struggle with loneliness, and you might be too much of a loner. You must learn to build connections, even a team. It's okay if that team centers around your wonder-workings or unique service or product. But steadily defying convention and defining success on your own terms can be an exhausting job alone.

Uranus Square Midheaven Transit

If you've hidden your own light out of behind a bush out of fear or to allow others to shine, then that hedge is liable to be on fire now for all to see. With Uranus square midheaven, you're committed to leaving your mark, no matter who's in the way. What might take others by surprise is how strident and uncompromising you can be. For you, it's personal. You perhaps feel that you've undermined yourself and your own possibility, and you want others to be sorry. You might hear overtures of remorse, coming from bosses, colleagues, friends, parents, or partners. But you also could feel sorriest for yourself and that's what possibly compels you to shock others the most. Yet, that will likely be a mistake because it distracts you from the real work you'd do better to pursue now: The authentic work of showing the world who you are. That's not necessarily about proving anything or compensating for the past, though. It's about discovering the right vehicle for what you want and the right people with whom to do it.

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