Uranus Square Venus

Uranus Square Venus Natal

You're not inclined to appreciate beauty, aesthetics, or relationships by general standards. You value your own sense of individuality and independence most and tend to relate those topics by those values. This often puts you at odds with the tastes and opinions of others, and you usually aren't interested in compromise. In fact, you're more likely to dip harder into your own aesthetic, whether that's expressed through fashion, interior decoration, or body art, just to defend your originality from the onslaught of detractors. You will likely draw love interests who have a different background or personality than your own. Or you possibly have partners who are as elusive and fiercely independent as you. Yet, the more certain you are about who you are and what you want, without the need for defense or evasive maneuvers, the easier it will be to experience freedom in love that’s beautiful to you.

Uranus Square Venus Transit

A Uranus square Venus transit could make you possibly experience noticeable shifts in what you want and like in style, dining tastes, and relationships. For instance, if you've shunned body art in the past, then this might be the first time you have work done on your body. Similarly, if you've been in a relationship for a while, you're likely looking to usher fresh air into it. Opening things up could be as simple as taking a fun class together or going out more as if you're on a first date basis again. But needing new vistas could also be as drastic as changing the structure of your relationship, like to make it polyamorous or breaking up altogether. If you're single, then you're more likely to draw someone from a different background than yours or you connect in a different way. Likewise, you'll want to add more novelty to other connections as well, like friendships and organizational memberships.

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