Saturn opposite Saturn

Saturn Opposite Saturn

You likely want to test your worldly status, and your ability to achieve your heart's desire on your own terms. This might mean you actively seek to break away from the comforts of who and what's familiar, whether that's your current job position, family, spouse, or community/civic activities. You perhaps crave, and will receive, more responsibility and chances to demonstrate what you can do. If you've built your reputation and character on a solid work history and record, this can be an immensely rewarding and emotionally fulfilling time. You'll likely only face resistance from others who can't or won't accept your authenticity. But if you've mainly plodded along to keep up appearances, or padded your resume and other commitments with lies, half-truths, and indecisiveness, then others will test and contest your standing and authority. Also, if that's the case, then your best course of action is to commit to doing the real work that will get you where you wish to go.