Saturn Trine Mars

Saturn Trine Mars Natal

You play for keeps and play to win. In fact, it's not entirely clear to yourself or others whether you're having fun or dead serious. It's probably a mix of both for you, and even something different for measure. You also do what you do to create a legacy and for others to remember your name, perhaps even long after you’ve passed on. You keep an eagle eye out for moments of destiny, and perhaps have believed from an early age that you have one to fulfill. Or if that's not the case, then you're determined to make your own mark. You're strong on fortitude and forcefulness, though you demonstrate both with grace, not gripe. You tend to avoid acting on the fly, since it throws you off your game—and there's nothing you dislike more. Yet, that also means that you're a bit change-resistant. Even to your skilled soft touch, life can't always respond as you wish. You'll need to learn how to adapt to minor (or sometimes major) changes without losing your cool.

Saturn Trine Mars Transit

Once you've programmed yourself for a particular course of action, there's very little that can distract or deter you. You'll align nearly everything within your power—your body, your mind, your schedule, your resources, and your powers of persuasion with others—to accomplish your mission. And you have a strong likelihood of fulfilling what you set out to do... unless something must change quickly. That's where your momentum can trip you up, as well as others who work with you. You feel you must recalculate your whole long-term strategy and plan. But if you stay calm, you might discover that you only need to tweak them a bit. Or, if you're having trouble figuring everything out on your own, you can reach out to someone for help. You want to rely mainly on yourself now, and mostly you can. But don't confuse competence with invulnerability. Sometimes you need to be flexible, and even vulnerable, to stay competent and on track.

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