Saturn Sextile Uranus

Saturn Sextile Uranus Natal

You have a talent for pulling together the young and old, or the new and well-established, without alienating either. You're equally fascinated by both. You like combining unlikely elements, such as setting a vintage ringtone on your ultra-sleek mobile phone or rocking to your oldies-but-goodies on a digital phonograph. You're willing to learn things the conventional way. But if you invent a different way or come across a better method, then you'll happily go with that. Friends will likely respect your take on things, because you introduce insights and information that are out of the box, but not out of this world. Yet, there are times that you won’t be able to seamlessly weave two irreconcilable approaches or technologies. Then, you’ll have to be more comfortable with the agony of choosing one over the other, until you can eventually find the fusion point.

Saturn Sextile Uranus Transit

You'll be able to easily adopt new technologies and methods, and adapt to changes in your routines. You might also delve deeper into better understanding an existing technology or process that you currently use. This is an excellent time to convert old media, like scanning old photographs or converting reel-to-reel/VCR recordings into a digital format. You're perhaps also very inventive, able to nimbly create new systems of your own. If you're skilled with your hands, you may invent something that takes the best of the old and weds it to the new. It also becomes more enjoyable to talk about technical matters with those in your field. But not everything's peachy with this transit. Things can easily become tense around people who don't want to adjust to new processes and tech. They're likely a buzzkill to all you enjoy with others and for yourself. Yet, if their involvement is required, you will have to decide how to cope with their resistance.

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