Saturn Square Venus

Saturn Square Venus Natal

Affection and love frequently seem to have a price tag, whether you're giving or receiving them. Of course, when you were younger, you couldn't have known to expect anything to come at a cost. All you knew was what you got or didn't get. Yet, as you've matured, you've likely learned that you didn't always receive your fair and free share of tenderness. You possibly felt more endured than endeared, more dutifully nurtured than doted on. In turn, you either quietly starve for affectionate attention, or expect others to enter your life with strings attached that don't usually favor you. You must reignite a sense of devotion in your heart, rather than mostly feeling duty-bound. It's important to state your needs, without fear that another won't fulfill them. You're also capable of a refined sense of aesthetics, especially with handicrafts, fabric, or craftsmanship in design, such as woodworking.

Saturn Square Venus Transit

It may seem as if a cold front has blown into the emotional terrain of your relationships and connections with people. Either you feel distant and alienated from them, or they from you. Of course, this naturally complicates intimate partnerships. And if you and your partner don't have a solid foundation, it can be a rocky enough time to break you apart. Yet, this is less about the transit and more about how one or both of you haven't been open about your needs and desires being met. You’re possibly also disappointed that other connections, whether co-workers, friends, or supervisors, haven't been more attentive. You might even feel like you’re not attractive enough to others. This is when you must cultivate more love for yourself, rather than waiting for it to come from outside. There's likely more out there than you realize, but there's even more locked up within yourself.

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