Saturn Conjunct Moon

Saturn Conjunct Moon Natal

It’s likely that you raised your parents as much as they raised you. You probably assumed mantles of responsibility at an early age, and have never taken them off. You might not even know how to do so. Perhaps there’s still a child in you that rarely gets outside to play. You believe you must make your way in the world by taking care of others, with less focus on yourself and your needs. You might even go so far as to question common necessities as embellishments and restrict your diet, clothing, and home furnishings to a minimum—even when you can comfortably afford more. You try to be as self-sufficient and unobtrusive as possible. Perhaps you even see your own emotions as tedious obtrusions. This, of course, can complicate your intimate relationships and keep you repressing feelings that deserve to see the light of brighter days.

Saturn Conjunct Moon Transit

Thoughts and feelings can weigh heavily on your mind and heart. You're prone to be harshly judgmental of yourself and your real or imagined failings. You're also more sensitive, even to constructive feedback from authority figures and people you look up to. When cornered by too much pressure, you can be as critical of others, too. If you're in therapy or engaged in self-evaluation, this can be a very insightful transit. You're able to plunge deep into your mind and understand how your belief patterns and circumstances have helped to form who you are. You can then begin slowly to build new scaffolding that puts your life together better. You must also be careful with how you take on the emotional burdens of others. One person's problem could quickly become your problem, or jointly an “our” problem, when there's sensibly very little you can do besides listen or offer advice.

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