Saturn Trine Jupiter

Saturn Trine Jupiter Natal

You have a near-perfect combination of goodwill, perseverance, control, and hope to bring projects and people into full bloom. If you're allowed to do so on your own terms and timetable, you thrive in difficult situations. For instance, you do best when you're either allowed to work alone, or collaborate with people familiar to you. Fortunately, you don't have too many control issues. But you also don't welcome many unknown and unpredictable possibilities in your midst. You don't mind being put into tough spots, but you’d rather get into the action when you can use strategy and long-term planning to bring something to fruition. In other words, you enjoy correcting a process that's already underway (and perhaps off-course) better than initiating it. You enjoy being more behind-the-scenes than dealing with the pressure of naive hopes and fears which often plague beginnings.

Saturn Trine Jupiter Transit

You're now more akin to a finely-tuned instrument, ready to play on perfect pitch and key—if it has the right music. You won't feel or sound your best if you must contend with too much commotion or too many unpredictable factors. You prefer to work in familiar conditions, with people you know and trust. Still, you won't mind if the circumstances are tough, or you must work alone. You have much fortitude, patience, and inner emotional stability to commend you. It doesn't matter if these are personal or professional projects. If it has a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end, you can handle it. Yet, if you're contending with others, you will have to swing between being rock-solid and flexible in understanding. But be careful: Because you fear surfacing any strife or chanciness, you might sweep latent tensions under the rug to have a visibly “beautiful” finish on the surface.

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