Saturn opposite Mercury

Saturn Opposite Mercury Natal

Many folks won't like what you think or have to say. This is true even if you've thoroughly thought it through and spoken it clearly (which is likely). You perhaps believe that if you prune and hone what you say or how you say it, then others will prove more receptive. You've come to believe that a fine mind and argument should speak for itself. Yet, nothing ever just speaks for itself. Refining your thoughts and communication strategies isn't so much for other people, but more for you to be the best deliverer possible for what's on your mind. Envision those who oppose your ideas as the sawhorses that make you better. But don't become so fixated on your naysayers and opponents that you lose sight of potential collaborators and co-creators. True, you have your own way of doing things, and it might not be what some enjoy. But that's not everyone.

Saturn Opposite Mercury Transit

A differing point of view or a set of disagreements might rattle you now. You perhaps see how you've become too sheltered in your thinking and need to open up to contrary opinions and points of view. It's natural to be resistant, since you might have a lot at stake with your standpoints. Yet, it's also a good idea to ask yourself why. There are likely particular people and structures to whom you've given your allegiance which possibly aren't worthy of that anymore. Or you need better reasons for why you believe as you do. You can come to think as challengers as sparring or even training partners, rather than full-out antagonists. Once you're sure about what you think and why, then you can deliver your thoughts with confidence and clarity to the ready and willing. There won't be much point in tussling with those who need more convincing then. Your time would be better spent with those who “get it” and are ready to build what's clearly mapped out.

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