Saturn Trine Mercury

Saturn Trine Mercury Natal

Frequently, you might liken your mind to a computer. It's mostly because you feel there's a fine coordination of parts that allows you to process things smoothly. You favor thinking about one thing at a time, since that allows you to be thorough and see your thoughts to completion (or as far as they can go in the moment). You're not fond of taking too many extraneous factors in, and you strive to be as efficient as possible when you churn out information to others. Sometimes, you're quietly frustrated (and on rare occasions, openly so) that others throw too much detail at you, that they're not exacting or demanding enough with what they know or want to know. But you might not question enough of what you know outside of your own study and research. You might miss how your own elegant mind does you an injustice by not thinking out of the box enough.

Saturn Trine Mercury Transit

Your mind has a clockwork precision now. If that’s close to your usual mental state, it’s perhaps even more pronounced. This lends itself to in-depth study and research on nearly anything that interests you. You can envision many of your plans and ideas from start to finish, with more detail than you've tried in the past. Likewise, you can better explain what's on your mind without too many extraneous details. But your heightened powers of concentration won't mesh too well with the rapid-fire shifts of multi-tasking, if that's also your normal flow. In fact, your “blinders” can be too tight during this transit. It's hard for you to veer in the direction of any other topic than your current main interest. That certainly won't make for light or varied discussion at parties, or casual check-ins with friends and colleagues.

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