Saturn Sextile Moon

Saturn Sextile Moon Natal

You likely grew up with clear and reasonable expectations or obligations. This probably allowed you to fulfill them easily enough. In turn, you developed an ability to explain your grounded hopes and assumptions to others, whether colleagues, companions, or partners. For this, you often find yourself in positions of authority or with extra responsibilities beyond your experience, education, or age. You respect tradition, but you're open to hearing out new ideas if they make sense and are relayed considerately. In fact, you're willing to get along with most people, and even their occasional odd requests if they're polite. But there may be times when you need to act less than nice, and be firm. You can do this, of course. But you prefer to be “Old Faithful,” well-liked and respected. Yet, sometimes the path to more respect is keeping clear boundaries that hold everybody in step, especially when they get out of line.

Saturn Sextile Moon Transit

You can probably assume this is a favorable transit to get along with your bosses and colleagues. This mostly happens because you're clear on your duties and their expectations of you. In turn, you can be clear about what you expect and seek from them. Emotionally, you’re on an even keel and might perhaps spend more time socializing and speaking with family (especially parents or older members). You're also more curious about all aspects of the past, such as your personal memoir, family sagas, or general historical accounts. Yet, you're less inclined to contend with issues that would throw you off-kilter emotionally. You might insist on everything “staying cool,” even when things clearly aren't and probably shouldn't. You might sweep whatever doesn't fit your easygoing image of the world under the rug until it either goes away on its own, or can be dealt with later.

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