Saturn Square Uranus

Saturn Square Uranus Natal

You often feel you must fight either for or against “the future.” You're inclined to fight for the future when you clearly see the advantages of change, or new techniques and technologies that help you fulfill your life goals and purpose. You're more resistant to change, though, when it's forced on you without a clear reason or proof that it's better. But it's important to consider how and when change or “the future” must happen, rather than whether you like it or don't. You might consistently fight innovation at the wrong moment. Chances are, any successful transformation in your life or in the way it can best affect others is not going to be an either/or enterprise all the time. You must learn to introduce alterations or build the systems, habits, and structures that will support them patiently. Force-feeding what you see as inevitable usually makes for more warring fits and starts than smooth and stable evolution.

Saturn Square Uranus Transit

While you want to “evolve” on your own terms, it's likely someone else is complicating your timetable. If you want everything to make a quantum leap into better times, then everything and everybody seems like a trap for you. Whether it's a job, a relationship, or just the soul-crushing tedium of your own routines and habits, you're tempted to try every means at your disposal to break out as quickly as possible. On the other hand, you could also feel that everything in your life is working just fine. But others in your life want to change things up, and you dread and resist it however you can. Regardless of your actual situation, transformation has come to your door—and it's all about how you choose to open it. If you rush change in before it's had time to wipe off its muddy feet, then you might create more of a mess for yourself. If you keep what’s inevitably locked out, then it's more likely to break your normal flow and leave you discombobulated.

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