Saturn opposite Venus

Saturn Opposite Venus Natal

Apparently, you can't hurry or buy love. For you, it sure takes its sweet time. And you're clear that even though you can't buy it, there's always a cost. Sometimes you're willing to pay it, but you perhaps fear and feel that you can't ever get devotion and affection at a fair price. This often leads you to feel depressed and like you’re out in the cold. But you've also learned that love isn't always light, airy, and touchy-feely. You have a strong sense of responsibility and duty in caring for others. Though you wish that constancy would come to you in more satisfying ways, you must also learn that your own value isn't determined by how others care for you or not. It's whether you can maintain yourself as an oasis when you only have a desert of ardor or appreciation from others. If you can keep yourself green and lush at those times, you will have more of what you need.

Saturn Opposite Venus Transit

Perhaps you struggle mightily to get appreciation and love from people who won't reciprocate. The more you try, the more it will likely elude you. It's possible that kind of love was never there, and this probably stings a great deal. But it's also plausible that you long suspected this, and went through the motions and emotions because you hoped for a different ending. In other words, you set yourself up for a bargain on terms that you might have known were false or shaky. Yet, this transit strives to balance accounts with love, romance, and nearly any other kind of relationship. You now want more of the real deal. Remember, though, this starts with you authentically clarifying and stating your own needs. But you can't depend on another to validate your love before you've sampled some of your own good stuff. Pamper and spoil yourself. Then, what another does for you will feel like a bonus.

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