Saturn Conjunct Jupiter

Saturn Conjunct Jupiter Natal

You have a natural knack for finding a way out of no way. That doesn't mean your ability to discover new ways under tight conditions comes easily to you, or without any occasional frustration, confusion, and dislike. The confusion perhaps comes from attempts early in life to follow the rules and conform, like others do. But it never seems to work out the same for you. You're more acutely aware of how you still don't fit, or can’t experience the same sense of freedom as others. Yet, with perseverance and patience, you'll likely see that what you once saw as an obstacle and obstruction to your advancement and liberty is what sets you free. This possibly happens because you become inventive, and your difference becomes both an inspiration and the discipline by which you maintain your creativity and freedom. When those with more advantages have fallen by the wayside, you will likely be the one left standing.

Saturn Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Perhaps you feel more like a round peg in a square hole, and you're ready to break free. Yet, if you bolt too quickly, you could do more harm than good to yourself or others. It might be best to start with the assumption that you're in this bind for a reason, and to figure it out. That doesn't mean that your tough situation is all your fault. Nor does it mean that you must twiddle your thumbs until you have a plan. But it does mean that you make a plan, and then execute it. Freedom needs discipline to exist and persist. Otherwise, it's not liberty of choice, but by chance. It's likely that you're beginning a new cycle of development with your career, or about to embark on a whole new career. Yet, you will have to figure out how to salvage and migrate what skills and habits you've learned from your current situation into another.

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